KFP + Folkstreams Documentary Watch Parties

A screenshot in which Ellie shares a screen with two older men, filmmakers Jay Williams and Stan Woodward

In the fall of 2020, as the Graduate Assistant at the Kentucky Folklife Program, I helped to organize four virtual “watch parties” of documentary films on KFP’s Facebook Live channel. I coordinated with Folkstreams to select films showcasing traditional culture in Kentucky and around the South, designed promotional materials, and arranged with scholars and filmmakers to provide interactive Q+As after each film. I moderated the live conversations, and audiences were able to to learn additional context about the process behind each film and the traditions they portray.

Visit KFP’s Facebook Live Channel to watch the films and accompanying conversations.

Above: Moderating a Q+A on Facebook Live with filmmaker Stan Woodward (far right) and his collaborator Jay Williams after a streaming of their film Burgoo.

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