Horse Cave Heritage Festival 2019

In Fall of 2019, I joined the Kentucky Folklife Program and a team of WKU Folk Studies students and faculty in producing four narrative stages showcasing South Central Kentucky traditional culture at a local cultural festival in Horse Cave, Kentucky.

Three older men and Ellie sit on a stage with microphones. A banner behind them reads "Kentucky Folklife Program"

Throughout the day, I rotated between production roles including documenting the event with video and photography and managing stage audio. I also helped to lead a narrative stage, with WKU professor Dr. Tim Evans, in which Horse Cave locals shared stories of community history in celebration of the town’s bicentennial.

Above: Leading a narrative stage with Horse Cave, KY, actors and storytellers to celebrate the town’s bicentennial. Photo by Sam Kendrick

Ellie and her classmate sit at an audio table wearing headphones.
Photo by Aaron Kiser
Ellie standing behind a video camera on a tripod
Photo by Taylor Burden
Three men in the foreground play string instruments while Ellie, in the background, monitors sound equipment
Photo by Aaron Kiser

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